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The Next El Dorado

Africa is market globally covering 1,2 Billion people, with a combined GDP of over USD$ 3,5 trillion. We are seeing the world's largest multinational companies establishing presence in Africa, getting ready to execute tomorrows ever growing operations on the continent. 

Agriculture, ICT, Transportation, Energy and healthcare are in demand for transformation. They will all be forced towards a leapfrog technological evolution, just has been the case for the mobile services, making Kenya the world leader in mobile payments ratio.

East Africa, according to the latest African development Bank report, still has the most stable GDP growth on the continent, around 6% for the last ten years, and a projected 5,9% for 2019. The works towards greater economic cooperation at continental (CFTA) and regional (EAC, COMESA, IGAD) levels are making remarkable progress. They are paving the way towards a free, open regional market and the creation of a monetary union, hence the fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policies are in the process of harmonisation.

These are positive signals towards the potential investors of this new and dynamic economy.


The African Electrification Dilemma - The misuse of multiple concepts ranging from poverty eradication to environmental concerns, blur the future of African electrification